Why Fashion Backwards?

Last week I went through my closet and I wondered why I threw all of my clothes out from the 80’s. Have you walked through the malls lately? Most of today’s fashions are from the 80’s. The neon, the stripes, the cut off jean shorts, the leggings, and the “off the shoulder” sweatshirts. I didn’t mind the styles back then and I certainly don’t now.

Have you noticed that fashion has gone full circle from the beginning of time? Well, at least as far back as sliiiightly past the dinosaur era. It seems like many styles are from the past, but with a little modern twist. I bet that I can find a top in my mom’s closet from 1967, throw it on with a pair of skinny’s and call it a pretty fashionable day. The top might look something like this, which can be found on etsy.com right now.


Fashion Backwards is about finding true vintage styles as well as modern vintage inspired ones. We want to shop for the perfect true vintage top to go with those new jeans. This is going to be a fun journey, and we welcome anyone to come join us! We have a lot more to share, but that’s all for now.



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