One Piece or Two?

Walking down the beach, I notice that bikini’s are getting smaller and smaller. I also hardly ever see anyone wearing one piece bathing suits anymore. Most women, no matter what size they are, seem to be wearing tiny two piece bathing suits.

Last week Emily and I went into a vintage inspired clothing store and saw the most adorable vintage style bathing suits. They were all one piece, with extra fabric in the front. The patterns were also absolutely adorable: polka dots and cherries. She even tried one on and looked beautiful! I like the one piece! I think women should bring that vintage style back. There are also two piece vintage stye bathing suits, but I personally like the one piece better.

I went looking through some web sites for styles and prices, and I found This online store carries a variety of vintage clothing and swimsuits, and the prices are not too bad. Here are a few of my favorites:

I think women might like to wear a one piece better because it hides unflattering parts, it is more comfortable, and they can still feel sexy. I know men find this style attractive because it leaves more to the imagination, and men can see the confidence in the women wearing them. I don’t think Marilyn would disagree, do you?

 – Tracey



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