The Vintage Post-Millennial

I’ve been noticing more and more people of the Generation Z going vintage. They’re everywhere now, singing the “vintage is the new black” anthem. Back in the day (not to date myself, as I am still a proud Millennial a.k.a Generation Y, thank you very much), you had designer labels and the newest of the new as the most sought after articles of clothing, duly noted in every teen sitcom and dramedy on television. From the original 90210’s Brenda Walsh, to Saved By The Bell’s Lisa Turtle, there was always that one character that was all about the new designer It bag or dress they just HAD to have, and everyone not up to par was garbage.

These days though, it seems that if you’re not wearing vintage, you need to just take your hair and go home. At least in the teenaged world. Even on designer heavy Gossip Girl, vintage is ever so accepted as *gasp*, a staple in the fictional elite fashion world.  In “real life” however, both vintage and non seem to have found a happy medium of coexistence and that is what we at Fashion Backwards celebrate.

We’re not sure what has drawn this new crop of teeny boppers to these vintage ways, but hey, we’re not complaining. And it seems that brands and retailers all around have picked up on this as well, and are catering to this demand. Rickety Rack, a retailer in Beverly Hills, has a whole collection dedicated to vintage inspired looks that even appeals to the likes of Taylor Swift.

Fashion continues to circle around, with the younger generation breaking the rules and taking fashion to a whole new level. And that’s a good thing! Because without breaking the rules, we would never learn. This generation’s lesson: Vintage is all the rage. Twerk it out.

Mod Gathering Dress, $60 – Rickety Rack




  1. Vintage is becoming popular for young adults and teens because of the hipster craze going on. A lot of hipster wear is vintage-styled, and Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” brought mainstream audiences to thrift stores, which contain a lot of vintage clothes, therefore increasing the popularity of vintage styles.

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