Wedding… Vintage Style

Have you ever considered buying a vintage wedding dress for your special day? Have you thought that maybe the style of the 1920’s in particular was absolutely beautiful? It’s definitely possible to incorporate some aspects of vintage into your wedding day look, or go completely head to toe vintage instead.

There are some amazing brick and mortar, as well as online stores that have both vintage and vintage-like wedding dresses. I was actually married in an amazing Art Deco venue myself, The Oviatt Penthouse in downtown Los Angeles, but chose to have a more modern wedding dress to kind of balance things out. That’s not to say you can’t go all out though. When planning a vintage wedding look, there is also styling to consider as an option, as well as accessories. Remember, vintage can be fun and flashy, but also classic and subdued, maintaining the same wow factor as you’re walking down the aisle.
All this vintage wedding talk makes me want to go grab my hubby and our wedding album, and do some reminiscing! We may have been married in a vintage place, but lucky for us it was only a year ago =). 


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