Moving Forward…

So I know we are all about fashion and it’s backwards ways, but is it truly backwards, or really more of a circle of life, moving in a counter clockwise direction?

Case in point: Corduroy.

How many times have we seen corduroy float in and out of our lives, with its twisted fibers of softness caressing our fingertips with every touch? And although we know its visit will be short lived, we still fall for it every time.

I was in my local Free People over the weekend, and decided to give these corduroy overalls a spin. After all, what’s better than a fabric that keeps moving forward and coming back? A silhouette with just the same idea of course! As I cinched the side zipper closed and began to adjust the shoulder straps to fit my smaller frame, I had a warm childhood memory, and the realization that I pretty much wore this exact outfit almost every other day from grades 2-4 respectively, (variations of denim and overall skirts and dresses). However, when my now adult being glanced at myself in the mirror, I realized this look was far from childlike. In fact, it was downright fashion forward. Don’t worry, we get confused sometimes too.



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