Oh Vintage Boys!

What about the men? IS there a place for men in this vintage world? YES! Usually, there is a small area for men in vintage stores, but I think they should be larger. The styles for men were amazing in the 1970’s. The bell bottoms, and the button down shirt patterns were great!


I found this great website called Thrift Store Cowboy. It is a vintage haven for men. Their theme is bringing back yesterday for tomorrow! I love it! Men need vintage love too. I know that men usually do not care about fashion, but there are the rare few who would love to be in a 1970’s shirt, or a 1950’s suit.

Today, there is an unfortunate aspect to mens’ clothing: color. Women are able to wear any color that they want. ANY COLOR. Men usually can not get away with wearing pink and purple. Don’t get me wrong, some men do don these colors, but it is rare. I have even seen the quote, “Real men wear pink.” Are they real? hmmmmm…. 

Most men wear dark colors (black, navy blue, or grey). There are also men in t-shirts of white with prints on them, this is true. If you peruse the mens’ section of any clothing store these days, you would see very few choices of colors. I think that in the 70’s, men had more variety with their colors and patterns.


Oh and you gotta love the 1970’s stash!



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