Dress Designer Sherri Hill

I was scrolling through Pinterest and I stumbled upon a gorgeous dress, which led me to doing a web search for the designer. The designer is Sherri Hill. Her dresses are perfection. As it turns out, she has been designing dresses for awhile now, and in 2011 she debuted her beautiful gowns at Fashion Week in New York. Many celebrities have even worn her dresses: Miss China’s Luo Zilin, Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, and Carmen Electra. 
Sherri Hill’s dresses “combine modern needs with elegant design features.” I personally love her cocktail dresses. They are gorgeous. I love how intricate they are with the beading and the lace patterns. Her dresses help women make a statement; women can feel beautiful in her dresses. 

She is trying to stop counterfeit gowns being produced, as we all know that it is a growing problem. In March of this year, her son was featured on the Today Show, speaking out about how hard it is to fight “knock off” designer production and distribution. To ensure authenticity, Sherri advises only buying from authorized retailers.

You can see more of her amazing dresses at www.sherrihill.com.  You can also find them at missesdressy.com.

Lace Applique Gown

Open Back Long Dress

Beaded Cocktail Dress

Asymmetric Three Quarter Length Sleeve

- Tracey


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