It’s Market Week Everyone!

This past week, Emily and I went to Downtown Los Angeles to check out Market Week. We are not wholesale just yet, but we have an “in” to the clothing scene. We checked out the Cooper Building as well as the California Market Center.

This is how the trades describe Market Week:

“Five times a year, buyers from around the globe flock to the CMC [California Market Center] to view the season’s newest collections presented by thousands of brands at LA Fashion Market. From apparel and accessories to gifts and lifestyle collections, the product array at the CMC is unmatched on the West Coast, catering to every price point and market niche. Collections are presented in hundreds of showrooms and several trade shows featured throughout the CMC.” 

We saw what will be coming for the next season. I liked being able to see what was what and who was who in current fashion. The room we spent most time in was called The Great Room. They had a handful of amazing designers, including Hodges Collection, Stacia as well as jewelry line Katie Dean Jewelry to name a few. We however, fell absolutely in love with Fresh Laundry

Fresh Laundry Spring 2014

The Great Room is a Los Angeles based full service branding and sales agency committed to the development and growth of emerging Contemporary brands and designers. Lori Halio MagaƱa opened The Great Room with confidence in 2004 after years of industry experience. Since then we have built a strong foundation and continue to grow along with our brands. We take pride in our hard working – honest business approach, earned reputation and genuine passion for what we do. We specialize in building relationships with our customers as well as with the talented designers we love. Companies with a vision looking to build a lasting partnership and business together!”

Thank you Lori!

- Tracey


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