The Man-Repeller Review

Busy schedules tend to get in the way, but I have FINALLY finished my copy of “Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls,” by Leandra Medine of Man Repeller fame. If you haven’t heard of her blog by now, you have been living under one very hefty rock. Between her innate fashion wisdom, and her beautifully shocking way with words, I can only hope to one day be just half as bad ass as Leandra. This book made me feel intrusive, but not in the social media voyeuristic kind of way. It made me feel one with the sartorial being that is The Man Repeller, wishing there was another chapter. Hell, sequel anyone? A trilogy? How’s about a mini series?

Needless to say, I absolutely LOVED this book! I genuinely related a great deal to the material. But I also found many differences between myself and the author, which I thought to be even more interesting than the similarities. If you love fashion and can appreciate fluidly blunt wit and charisma, pick up this book stat!


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