Fashion in the Celebrity World – Who Wore it Best?

I find it interesting and funny that after any award show, all of the entertainment news focuses on who wore what. I also find it funny that they compare certain celebrities wearing the same or similar outfits. Are people really THAT interested in who wore what?? OF COURSE they are! We are all lookie-loos, or voyeurs and we want to see.

Well, in E! news recently there was a comparison between Stacy Keibler and Kate Hudson. Who wore the cleavage dress the best? I think they are both gorgeous personally, and they both looked fabulous.

The article points out the negatives and positives of both ladies and how they look in the dress. Who are they to judge? I mean really. Stacy is showing too much cleavage? Maybe. Kate’s dress is more sophisticated? Does she really look better though? 
One night I was in Vegas, and I saw a girl wearing the same dress that I had on. Needlesstosay, I think she looked better, but I went up to her to tell her that she had EXCELLENT taste! Why is it a negative thing if two people are wearing the same thing? I see it as they share great taste! Ok, maybe just similar taste. Why does the entertainment world have to turn it into a negative thing?
Just another thought about women wearing the same dresses: Don’t bridesmaids wear the same outfit? That is MANY women wearing the SAME DRESS! What is the difference here? Just a thought that made me laugh. 


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