Oh Pop-Up Shop, Where Are You?

Pop-up shop. What exactly is a pop-up shop? Well, it is a temporary space, usually a warehouse, that opens up to the public to sell retail merchandise. They are also called temporary retail or flash-retail. These stores open up in random warehouses all over the United States, as well as some European countries and Australia.

They could be clothing from new designers or vintage fashion. Usually, the owners are big retailers who want to spotlight a new design or get rid of last season’s clothes. There can also be the ecommerce retailers or online only designers who may pop up at a small place to sell their clothing non-virtually.

The problem is, how do you find these pop up shops? They usually are not publicized. The Store Front blog is one way, as they do their best to help the public find these amazing shopping experiences.

Pop-up Shop

A recent pop-up shop in Downtown Los Angeles, featured denim clothing designer Rising Sun & Co. They are an LA based clothing brand, and all of their clothing is made in the United States. They are mainly men’s fashion, and their mission is all about being a great tailor, not a manufacturer. They care about their customer. I am truly impressed with this LA home grown company.

Rising Sun & Co.



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