Attack of the Printed T-Shirt

Over the last few years, I have seen so many printed t-shirts. They have graphics, words, sayings, poems, or even slang writing. I know that in the 70’s, many people wore t-shirts with band names on them; for example, Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd and then a little later was Metallica and then Michael Jackson. T-shirt graphics have changed so much through out the years. 
Vintage Michael Jackson T-Shirt
Retro Zeppelin T-Shirt
Now-a-days there are so many private and individual companies that are producing art work on t-shirts and other funny sayings. I have personally purchased t-shirts from Threadless. They have great designs and ideas that are unique. They are located in Chicago, and have two retail stores. They create their own designs as well as allow people to submit for their own design to be printed on a t-shirt.
Training Day T-Shirt Design
Then there are the Los Angeles based companies: Fluent FlyersThe Mighty Squirm and Urban Octopus. All of these companies have awesome designs, fun and interesting art printed onto t-shirts. I LOVE IT! 
Urban Octopus – Sneaker Love
Fluent Flyers – Puffin
The Mighty Squirm – Skel-Belle

We at Fashion Backwards were lucky enough to meet the amazing people behind The Mighty Squirm. Thea, the creative mind behind the design, and her husband founded this company. It originally began as a clothing line for kids, but the designs were a little too scary for children. So, they began to create historical figures in art for adult t-shirts. They really want their t-shirts and art to tell a story. I personally love their art and design concept.

The Mighty Squirm is Apparel and Art with Romance and a Slight Chill: We specialize in high-end T-shirts and art prints inspired by history, fantasy, and horror.”

There are some companies that allow you to send in your own artwork and they will print the t-shirts for you. That is a great idea for the artist who wants to get their name out there. Custom Ink is one of the web sites that print t-shirts. 
What ever you have in mind, any style, art form, or saying… it can be printed on a t-shirt. It can also be a tank top, or a fitted t-shirt. I think it is great that anyone can create their own style and individuality on a t-shirt.

- Tracey


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