Is It Possible to Have too Many Pairs of Socks? NO!

I love socks! I have drawers of socks! I have white, black, long, short, thigh high, rainbow, polka dotted, and even animal print socks. Am I crazy? Am I the only one who loves to don a fun pair of socks? Sometimes, even wearing a great pair of socks will make my day. Could that be called a “sock fetish?”

There are stores that sell only – socks. There are online stores that sell only – socks. Incredible! If Starbucks can be coffee… then The Sock Market can be socks. The Sock Market is located in Universal City Walk and San Francisco. This is a store that sells only socks and hosiery. I have spent so much time in the Universal City location; I love going in there and touching all of the softest socks.

The Sock Market states:

“Welcome to, the website that always appreciates in value and reaps great dividends when it’s products are given as gifts. Socks of every color, style, size and description; from booties for babies to thigh-hi’s for ladies, anklets for bikers to dress socks for nine-to-fivers. We have socks for every profession, interest or occasion (well, almost). Enjoy your search, and if there’s something you really want and don’t find it on our website, email us and if it’s out there, we’ll find it for you.”

Monkey Socks

I could wear these monkey socks everywhere! I love them. I also wear those “toe” socks where every toe has a destined spot in the sock. I feel so comfy in those! Maybe my fascination of socks came from the fact that when I was a kid, my mom only allowed me to wear plain white boring socks?! It was the 80’s and they were big poofy socks. Maybe. Who knows. HA!

So, if you feel so inclined… go out there and try on a new fun pair of socks. Use your imagination. Have fun! Feel free with your feet! 


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