What’s With Ugly Christmas Sweaters??

So, we all know what they are and who they come from… Grandma. Ugh! Not only do people LOVE to wear these horrid things, but they are becoming popular. Now, not only are there “Ugly Sweater Holiday Parties,” but there are “Ugly Christmas Sweater 5K Races” too! What is happening in the world??!!

There is even a website to buy ugly Christmas Sweaters, hilarious! I myself do not own one, but maybe this year I will. Ummmmm…. NO!?

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Maybe there is a contest for the ugliest Christmas sweater? I bet that exists somewhere. My friend had a party to go to, where everyone was asked to wear one of these gorgeous pieces of fashion, and she went to five different thrift shops to find one. As it turns out, the sales lady at one of the thrift shops told her that they were all out. People from all over look for these things… on purpose no doubt! WOW! SOLD OUT? It is like Halloween costume shopping. Hilarious!

Who knew that grandma’s design would be so popular?

Uglier Christmas Sweater

Many people compare these sweaters with the ones from the 80’s… the big bulky sweaters. I had a few and they were NOT this ugly! No way would I walk around in that garment! Heck No! It is funny though how many people, men and women, love these sweaters.

Thanks grandma, but no thanks. 
- Tracey



  1. I share the same sentiment. If push came to shove, and HAD to wear an ugly Christmas sweater for such an event or party, It’d be one with a print of someone else wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, on it. haha :)

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