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Fashion Trends 

Well, new year… new you? New us! New fashion! Every year starts off with a bang (literally, fireworks and everything). People begin exercise programs, start eating healthier, change up their hair, update their wardrobes, and implement a fresh, new start to life. And the fashion world is no different. So, with the new spirit of a new year, here are a few new things floating around in the fashion world.

According to Glamour Magazine, pastels are the hot new colors for the Spring season. Light lilacs and gentle hues of baby pink and blue can be expected to be seen in many circles. There will also be an upsurge of earthy tones, like beiges, nudes and browns. Details like collars should also be expected on the necklines of blouses and button ups alike, however jackets will be making a collarless statement. Interesting.

Speaking of women’s tops, the cropped shirt has definitely already made a come back, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I remember a few years ago, it was hard to find a crop, but now it’s back!

You will also see some more sheer clothing, ruffles, boxy shift blouses, and more text on t-shirts and sweatshirts floating around.

As for our bottoms, the skinny tight jean has now become the wide leg baggy jean and the loose pant (phew for the ladies who were tired of being squished into those things). Also, the length of maxi skirts and dresses seem to be creeping back up to the ankle once again. The fashion world calls this the “tea length” dress/skirt, an ode to the 50’s. Yes, fashionistas… as we say at FBLA, fashion is a circle; the style most certainly, always comes back around.

Fashion Trends

-Tracey and Emily


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