Fashion Olympics?

By Tracey

I have never really thought about Olympics from a fashion standpoint, until this year. The USA team was wearing a huge Christmas-like sweater for the opening ceremony. What was that all about? As it turns out, they were designed by Ralph Lauren. And, they wore him proudly.
I also noticed that almost every team world wide was wearing a beanie. It does make sense, considering this is the Winter Olympics… in Russia. The USA beanies had the letters “U S A” knitted on them, which is a pretty cute idea, but I think a few other variations could have been explored as well. 
Other countries, like Germany, had on very bright colors, and were a bit reminiscent of large popsicles. The Netherlands on the other hand, were bright in a Halloween, orange and black manner. Personally, I really liked the Canadians attire. They wore red parkas, adorned with snaps and matching mittens. Very Cute.

Canada, eh?
Britain‘s puffy blue jackets, with maroon collars and matching zippers.
I have always admired all of these amazing athletes and I get excited for the Olympics every time. The passion, the strength, and the motivation that these people have, is awe inspiring. And I really should not judge what they wear on opening night; but with the whole world watching, why not look your best?


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