“Oh, What’s in a Name…?” -A Short Story

By Emily 
A funny little anecdote for your Valentine’s Day pleasure…
There once was a personal assistant. For the purposes of this tale, we will call her peasant slave. She was eager to please her boss lady, a local Los Angeles fashion designer. For the purposes of this tale, we will call her Majesty Loubouton sling-backs. One sunny afternoon, Majesty Lou asked peasant slave to venture into the land of shopping, to return some rather expensive treasures on her behalf. “Of course, as you wish,” replied peasant slave, and headed towards the gate. As the design studio minions cleared the way for Majesty Lou to return to her closet lair, she turned to peasant slave and added, “Make sure you visit the valley of ‘Airmez’ first.” Peasant slave was immediately overcome with fear…what valley could this “Air-mez” possibly be that Majesty Lou spoke of?? As peasant slave’s eyes darted from one direction to the next, her glance finally settled on the decorative scripture embossed on one of the receipts in her basket of treasures. “Of course!” she said aloud. Right there, on that small piece of paper, written as clear as day, it read, “Hermes.” 
You see, she knew the correct pronunciation all along. But sadly, she was forbidden from using such words in vain, for fear of beheading. To escape this predicament, she had no choice but to teach herself to pronounce designer names (gasp!) phonetically! 
(Actually, she just thought it was really funny pronouncing designer names that way, and became so accustomed to it, she actually forgot the correct way to say it.)
True story. 
Don’t let this happen to you!


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