The Digital Paper Doll

By Tracey
Do you remember being a little girl and cutting out paper clothes to build your very own paper doll? The small tabs on the sides would rip sometimes and make me so mad! 
Barbie Paper Dolls

With today being the digital age and all, what better way than to bring the beloved paper doll into the mix as well? I love seeing the outfits that people put together on Pinterest, and they all remind me of the good ol’ paper dolls. A very popular web site, Polyvore, has the most amazing outfits to peruse and build yourself. They have tops, bottoms, shoes, and even accessories. It it a great way to keep up the style, as well as know where to shop for them with an easy click.


Personally, I can spend hours scrolling through these “fashion sets” on Pinterest or Polyvore. Sometimes they are categorized by season, color, or even occasion. Between all that pinning and setting, who has time for anything else?! 

Thanks digital age! 


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