…And That’s A Wrap! (sort of)

By Emily

As fashion week comes to a close once again, we are pleased to share with you the great, and not so great (although the latter is a burden all on you to decide) pieces we have chronicled here at Fashion Backwards. Night after night in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Style Fashion Week has shown us both wearable art, and truly wearable clothing. And the best part? Shopping these LA designers is a great way to support your local community! Or hey, if any of you New Yorker’s are so inclined…

The Highlights:

Rachael Broussard’s RTW line, R. Michel’le is an ode to the contemporary woman. Bringing her years of styling experience to the table, this collection was full of the right pairings and complimentary pieces, with the unexpected underpinnings of sophistication.

Tatiana Shabelnik was probably one of the more unique shows we saw last week. Perhaps inspired by her eastern european heritage, you can see the influence of her previous design work (she started out designing scarves and shawls) with the use of luxurious looking silks in some of the pieces. She mixes hard and soft, with the toughness of leather pieces in some looks, intertwining with the lightness of chiffon in some of the dresses. The essence of the show as a whole was very much a cultural experience, with models donning Victorian era shoes, old world European silhouettes, modern necklines, and the flavor of Latin dancing mixed in as well with the mini performances throughout the show.




Walter Mendez‘s collection on the other hand, was quite the classy cocktail affair. It’s no wonder he’s been pegged as the next top LA designer. Unfortunately our photos do not do these looks justice, but hey, we’re just here to inform you and send you in the right direction. All links point to a fashionable destination.

And finally, Andre Soriano’s Screen Sirens collection was full of dramatic flair and vixenish ambiance. Taking us to a fictitious Oscars’ filled evening, that was quite reminiscent of the old Hollywood glamour of the Hollywood Land days (or so we think). Although he is based out of San Diego, we thought it was worth a share. A little theatrical showmanship is always necessary…especially in La La Land.


And that brings me to our headline. Sure, it’s a wrap for fashion week. But in fashion, it is never really a wrap like those tidy bowed outfits would have you believe. It is definitely not tidy, and most certainly meant to be unwrapped. From your daily street style snaps, to new emerging designers inching their way forward to the next fashion week, to the dozens of trade shows going on year round. In fact, this last week was so chock-full of events, we have more posts coming very soon.


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