Oh The Poetic Justice of Jeans

Of all the denim that we saw on the runway, Poetic Justice Jeans grabbed my attention the most. Being in the front row, we were able to see everything that these jeans had to offer up close and personal (well, not that personal).

I really loved all of the looks, the styles, and the fabrics, that this collection had to offer. And the fact that the models came in versatile shapes and sizes, was definitely a bonus, helping to promote healthy bodies. It gets a bit bland seeing the same exact girl walk down the runway show after show, with the only thing left to ponder being that of her walk. You know, will it be the lizard (head and lower body forward, shoulders back)? The booty tooch? Or maybe the military march (knees up!)?

But I digress. The Poetic Jeans motto is, “Specifically designed to FIT YOUR SHAPE.” They are created here in Los Angeles, which makes us “local” lovers happy. And the best part is, these jeans are made to fit YOU. Using a custom size chart, with different styles to choose from…skinny, cropped, boyfriend, and bootcut. They are designed with curves, no matter big or small, in mind.

No woman fits a specific “mold.” And that is what Poetic Justice Jeans celebrates. So naturally, we celebrate them.

Another amazing aspect to this wonderful company is that they are not too pricey, They also carry jackets, tops, shorts, and accessories. They offer free shipping on orders over $50 and all of their work is guaranteed! I definitely recommend this brand to all my girls. 

Their clothing can be bought at specific boutiques or online. All of the information is on their website.
I have to say that we were SO lucky to have sat in the front row to have seen this awesome brand!

Thank you Poetic Justice Jeans.

- Fashion Backwards Team


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