Spring Dresses

By Tracey

When we were little, my sister and I were given a new “Easter dress” every year, which could be viewed as a bit ironic considering were are both Jewish, and all. But none the less, an “Easter dress” we received. It was usually a dress covered in pastel colors and spring flowers. Do Easter dresses only exist for little girls (of all denominations)? Perhaps little boys (no judgements here)? Or maybe…grown women flourish (no pun intended) in that non-Easter-but-still-Easter, let’s-just-call-it-a-spring-dress, dress, too?

Suzy Chin Maggy

This dress (above) by Suzy Chin for Maggy is perfect example of an adult spring dress. It has beautiful flowers lining the bottom, as well as a “water color” texture. With a light sweater, this would be great for day to night.

This Donna Ricco floral printed dress (below), on the other hand, has a slightly fancier silhouette with its charming ruffled neck line. Sport this little number on your weekend sunday funday (God I hate that phrase, but damn it, it works here). Fuckin’ Catalina Wine Mixer, beware! 
Donna Ricco

Go get your spring on!


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