Why Does That Carpet Have To Be Red?!

By Emily

…Just an observation, but isn’t Purple the color of royalty?

But back to business. THE OSCARS. One of the biggest fashion nights of the year, and one of the biggest entertainment nights of the year. But since fashion is entertaining, it all makes sense! Except that red carpet.

But back to business again. THE Oscars. Here are the facts.

What we know: Now in it’s 87th year. Formally known as The Academy Awards. First held in 1929. First televised in 1953. Academy members vote for the winners. Wolf of Wall Street was robbed. And Jennifer Lawrence, what were you thinking? Just kidding, we loved that dress.

What we wish we knew: Who is Oscar, and why doesn’t he get a designer outfit? Or, just a pair of pants…

What no one should ever know: What Oscar really knows. You know why.

And then there are The Oscars and The Designers. According to the chart below, the designers’ name really came into play in the late 80s, with the question every woman today is dying to know, and every other woman is dying to be asked, “Who are you wearing tonight?” Gone are the times of elegant surprise, with the who’s and the who nots overshadowing even the biggest of dress shadows. Why is it so important to drape oneself, not with a fashionable piece of clothing, but in fact with an entire other human being? When did carrying that sort of “extra weight” become desired? Well, apparently the late 80s. Because prior to that, it looks like it was all about the Unknowns. And, I have a sneaking suspicion, those types of unknowns are probably the very local fashion houses that are tucked away in your own local abyss, today.

Our fave: Joan Fontaine, 1942. We bet it wasn’t unknown to her.

And this year’s Oscar goes to…oh stop it, you all are beautiful! But seriously, WHY RED?!


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