Yogalicious Pants

By Tracey

Yoga Smoga
I don’t know if you have noticed, but  yoga pants are trending everywhere! Personally, I have worn my yoga pants out food shopping, yes, but out to dinner? To a bar? NO! But many women, do. I have seen them in upscale restaurants, at the movies, and even at a club wearing yoga pants. I understand that they are VERY comfortable, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere, right?

There are many different brands that have popularized the yoga pant; for example, Lululemon, Yoga Smoga, and Mika Yoga wear, just to name a few. All of these brands are amazing with their fit, style, and colors. The typical yoga pant comes in black and other neutral colors, but you can also find many styles in brights or pastels.


Yoga pants have become everyday wear in Southern California for sure. Even Jimmy Kimmel has a thing or two to say about them. As it seems, the boys are having a wee bit of trouble concentrating in school with all of the girls wearing their Lululemon yoga pants all about town.

Yoga pants and capris are accepted attire everywhere. Even dining at Aroma Coffee and Tea in Studio City, CA, one can see both celebrities, as well as us mere mortals clad in them. 
Mila Kunis
Yoga Smoga

Southern California is known for comfort, and this new addition of yoga pants is no surprise for us native Angelinos.


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