Fashionably Stylish, or Stylishly Clueless?

By Emily

Still with me? Good. If not, well let me explain.

Every “fashion” year starts out with the announcement of said year’s “color of the year” (thanks Pantone!), and continues on with the festivities throughout every Fashion Week world wide. What we learn from these said Fashion Weeks, are what the newest trends are and how to wear them, or in social media terms, “What’s #trending?” Eventually those trends trickle down to the masses, usually coinciding with the next big Fashion Week sector of the year, which means by now, the masses are already borderline “last season” and better step up their game!

Most of the time, we tend to look at the fashion tastemakers to get ideas. But what we really should be thinking about, is how that particular look would transcribe on our own bodies and with our own personalities. Just because something is on trend, does not mean you should necessarily wear it. And if you do, other things need to figure into the decision to ensure the taste level.

This fashion vs. style dilemma is as old as time. Well, since after the Victorian era (respectively) anyway. When the modern woman (and man) emerged, it was decisions decisions for all. What body parts to play up? What parts to play down? To show a peek of the unmentionables? Or mention them full throttle? How much shine? How much bling? How short is too short? How long is not cute?

Now I’m not trying to discourage anyone from being fashionably daring, by any means. I just ask that you ask yourself the question that should always be asked, if asked of you or if you ask someone else to ask, but always ASK this:

“How does this trend look on ME?” 
The always controversial harem pant.
By somedubbed as the “poopy pant,”
by others worn flawlessly on the red carpet.
Whose to say?
Harem pants gone glam
Victoria’s Secret Monokini. I am convinced this swim style
only works if standing in this specific position. I have tried countless
ones on, and the front material always bubbles! But, I have a short
torso, so maybe this style just isn’t for me. Surely I will not be walking
around with a big bubble in my swim suit fabric.
Nor will I stand in one place, arms raised like this one.
Colors through the years. Many wonderful colors,
but not one for everybody. If 2015 calls for mustard orange,
but you look so much better in radiant orchid,
by all means,  2014 it up and look fabulous!

So let’s do some trend forecasting of our own,
and wear what works for you!


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