No April Showers?

By Tracey

Now, I know it rarely rains in Los Angeles (if ever), but aren’t rain boots just the cutest? I know Emily’s been talking up her desire for some wellies all winter long. But again, our Los Angeles weather just does not justify investing in a pair. I remember as a child, I had the most beloved red pair of wellies. And as nostalgia rears its reminiscent head, I feel the need to purchase again. One could say that rain boots are now…(#)trending…? Haven’t you seen them with those colorful flowers, pastel shades, or the more “grown-up” version in monochromatic, muted tones?
Rain Boots For Women

They are adorbs. This website (above) is dedicated specifically to rain boots for women. The vast array of styles would make any women joyously claustrophobic. I personally love the blue polka dotted ones myself. Rain boots used to only be found in gardening stores or gardening sections of the larger corporate stores, but the last couple of years have seen them in the mainstream light. There are plenty of styles that can be bought online, and of course at some smaller boutique stores around town, yours or mine!

I guess let’s stick to mine fore now, and head on over to Dini’s Los Angeles. Oh man, do they have the most adorable styles or what?? These Dini’s favorites (below) are referred to as the “luxury rain boot”, clearly evident in the rich tones and buckle embellishments. This hombre pair of rain boots are seriously the cutest I have ever seen, and it matches all the ladies “hombre-ed” hair.
Sussex Hombre – Dini’s Los Angeles
But if you do wear rain boots in LA, do so like these stylish celebs…
Sarah Jessica Parker
Maria Menounos
Here’s hoping for some rain. We definitely need it!


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