How To Find A Fashion Truck

By Emily Oberman

From the food truck of yesteryear, to the metal on wheels of fashion forwardness…

OK, I should probably explain myself before I go any further. Soo, it’s like this…
The first mobile boutique came onto the fashion scene roughly a couple of years ago, following the big food truck craze. And why not? A fashion truck is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to retail in the 21st century. If you break it down, you have this 15-20′ rectangular hunk of metal, sitting on wheels, selling FASHION. As a retailer, your overhead is close to none. And as a consumer, well, it’s like curbing a mid day fashion craving in a quick mini shopping spree. To make things easy, these mobile boutiques have been popping up and multiplying like the hot neon bunnies of last year’s fashion week. Some are high end, some are vintage, some carry only local designers, and some are strictly accessories based. 
So now how do you find one?? Well, that depends on a few different things: 
1) Do you happen to know of a specific fashion truck in your area? If so, more often that not you can head to their website, and view their events’ calendars. They are constantly updating them! Or just stalk them on twitter because most will tweet their current locations in real time. Big sisters are always watching. 
2) Fashion Truck Finder. I could explain what this website does. But I needn’t offend your intelligence. Seriously though, this site is amazing!
3) Look for local festivals and bazaars in your city. Chances are, there will be a fashion truck or three just hanging out. 
4) Watch our soon to be released virtual tour and shop the J.D. Luxe mobile boutique for practice. 


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