Travel Pants

-By Emily Oberman

Summer is here and it’s time to get your travel pants on, three legs at a time. Well, depending on the type of pants you plan on bringing along, because those harems, could definitely fit a girl or two.

But when the travel bug does strike, the big question is, what the heck do you bring with you?? Packing light is a cute idea, but let’s get real, you need all seven pairs of those shoes. Perhaps you could consider parting with a few pairs of underwear? Because we all know us girls can free-ball it any day.

So, let’s break it down to the not so practical way to travel light. Role play: You are headed for a week to the newly discovered island of Bonita, where Madonna welcomes every new visitor with a Spanish lullaby and a butler-cum-tour guide named San Pedro. Here, you will be splitting your time equally between undercover partying with Channing, in the alcoves with Ryan whispering sweet everythings…to Eva, and soaking in the art scene, alter ego status, with Gaga.

For the beach – two pairs of sandals, including a cheap pair of flip flops that can easily be lost at sea. Let’s face it, those alcoves are spotty at best. Two pairs of shorts…denim cut offs and an alternate pair you can dress up or down. And three bathing suits. Not two. Not four. Three. Why? Because you give each one the chance to dry between wears to the fullest, AND, you won’t get too overwhelmed with choices.

For a non-beachy afternoon of wander lust – a pair of linen pants, a pair of jeans, and 2-3 swingy dresses. But most importantly, remember to pack things that you know you can mix and match. When I travel, my main packing goal is to feel the illusion of having brought my whole wardrobe with me by having options to change my mind once I’m there, as opposed to having set outfits ahead of time. What if on skort and crop top Wednesday I wake up and feel like Friday’s shorts and a tee? Crisis averted.

And for a night on the town – throw in a couple of comfy/sexy tops to pair with the above options, and call it a day. Because on Bonita, most are topless anyway.

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