For the Tote Worthy Traveller

By Emily Oberman

On a constant quest to uncover and share the beauties of local fashion worldwide, we here at Fashion Backwards can only get excited when coming across a gem of a local brand. Especially one from a seemingly far away land, that not only captures the essence of the locale, but literally has it’s name and landmarks printed on it. Let me explain. Upon perusing the many newsletters that come my way, I stumbled across what I like to call, a fashionable traveling sensation: A tote bag with a story. Many tote bags in fact. Totes in varied colors and sizes. And even non totes, like clothing, housewares and even stationary. The name is Maptote, and I am enthralled. I absolutely love their story and concept – it’s a fresh take on novel idea. And it’s lovable. 

(“When a stylist and a cartographer fall in love and get married, what do they make (besides babies)? […] a line of products decorated with maps of locales both domestic and exotic.”) …reads their demure yet punchy “about” section, on their chock full of stuff website. 

The concept itself of course is not unheard of. We’ve all traveled on vacation, only to realize on the layover back home that the mundane but annoyingly necessary journey of finding the perfect souvenir for your aunt’s second cousin’s twice removed new baby, somehow escaped you. Between all of the sun, surf and food comas, I can’t imagine how that might have happened. But it did. And here you are scavenging in the most coveted souvenir shop of all souvenir shops, as you await Delta. So naturally, you go for that cityscape of [insert town] tee shirt/bag/keychain and/or mug. No brainer, duh. But what if, just WHAT IF, you had a custom made tote bag with an accurate yet really fun depiction of said visited city, made by say, I don’t know, a professional map maker? On trend, yet classic and extremely useful. 

The triple threat of souvenirs.  


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