Fashion Backwards is a place exclusive to local fashion entities. We believe that going back to where it all started, back to the place before the world was taken over by large corporations, and back to the small communities that represent local fashion, is the real backbone of an economy. We at FBLA want to make the concept of local fashion more accessible to the general public, so we’ve created the perfect avenue to bring this idea directly to the consumer, by bringing the consumer directly to local fashion.

What We Do

We collaborate with local boutiques, e-tailers and up and coming designers, to create mini video tours of their merchandise. Then we promote them through various social media outlets.

Who We Are

Starting initially as a fashion blog, the idea of Fashion Backwards came about one day while co-founder Emily was on her honeymoon, on the Greek Island of Mykonos. Looking for a little day of splurging with her hubby, she asked the hotel concierge to point them in the direction 

of the most favorable shopping. He sent them to H&M. Wanting a shopping experience local to the area, and not something she could just as easily find back home in Los Angeles, Emily enlisted the help of her new sister-in-law Tracey, and Fashion Backwards was born. 

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